Pastors grieve, too

Bill Nieporte

At funerals, a pastor’s humanity is often missed by parishioners.

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‘He is risen!’: What does it mean?

Chuck Queen

In the resurrection, the kingdom of God is set loose among the kingdoms of the world.

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They’re back

Ellis M. West

School-sponsored prayer and Bible reading are returning to public schools.

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Life in the fast lane

Bob Burroughs

It’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

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Homelessness, grief and Holy Week

Trey Lyon

We think Jesus leads the way into the dark, and I get that. But what if it’s the other way around?

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Discovering empty tombs

Colin Harris

We expect to find the bodies of hopes and dreams to anoint and memorialize in the midst of death, but after Jesus’ resurrection, instead find empty tombs.

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My right to be limited

Arville Earl

How do we settle the inevitable tension that arises when everyone insists their rights be given priority?

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True champions don’t worry about the score

Will Baker

One of the nation’s most successful coaches, in a winning-obsessed culture, made a conscious choice to throw away the scoreboard.

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‘Mad Men’ as an exploration of human fallenness

Steven Harmon

The hit TV series is replete with theological metaphors.

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So the papyrus is genuine. What now?

Miguel De La Torre

Most Christians would find it blasphemous to imagine Jesus participating in any sexual act. But why?

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In defense of a peaceable Jesus

Derek Hatch

Too often a subtle emphasis is placed on Jesus as a prototypical male.

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My wife and I are partners

Barrett Owen

And it’s preposterous for us to think God’s dissatisfied with this way of life.

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This Bud’s for Paige

Rodney Kennedy

The suggestion that one glass of wine might make a person an alcoholic is right out of the 1950s.

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Our silence on faith does not serve those leaving the church

Alan Bean

The church must speak up and offer compelling reasons to Millennials and other young people about what organized religion has to offer — and why they should stay.

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Sexual complementarity: A dangerous debate

David Burroughs

Its advocates rarely speak of the consequences of women’s noncompliance to their husband’s alleged authority.

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