Ken Camp

Ken Camp

Ken Camp is managing editor of the Baptist Standard.

Are the spiritual descendants of Baptists Clarke, Holmes, Ireland and Leland living up to their courageous stands for religious minorities?

Americans disagree on the extent of religious discrimination in the U.S., with some saying it all comes down to perspective. 

Each is essential but they’re different, say responders.

Jeff Hood believes ending capital punishment is the only way to stop cycles of violence.

People who work with youth should recognize warning signs of trafficking, such as a controlling older boyfriend, scars or bruises, stunted growth and truancy, says Stephanie Henry.

The university is seeking to prevent the group from representing itself as Baylor’s official alumni association.

BAA leaders say they’re seeking a way to maintain commitment to the university despite disagreement with its administrators.

Baptist volunteers have been responding to a sudden influx of unattended minors from Central America.

Gang violence in Central America is being attributed to a surge of young undocumented immigrants fleeing north.

The longtime administrator will become Baylor University’s interim provost June 1.

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