Ken Camp

Ken Camp

Ken Camp is managing editor of the Baptist Standard.

Baptist pastors recall how the April 2 shootings that killed three soldiers felt tragically familiar, and how they and their ministries immediately responded to meet the spiritual needs of their congregations and the Army base.

The rights of conscience take precedence over the demands of government authority, says Brent Walker.

‘The cherry-pickers have forced people into camps,” says Michael Meyerson.

God’s calling is a seed planted in peoples’ lives, says the CBF's top executive.

Dream inspires student at Sugar Land Baptist Church in Texas to urge the congregation to support clean-water ministry efforts around the globe.

Gospel freedom often sounds like jazz, feels like the blues and acts like grace, said church historian Bill Leonard.

Joel Osteen is either the future of American evangelicalism or an illustration of its captivity to a form of religion more akin to American enterprise than Christian theology, says Bill Leonard.

Thursday, 27 February 2014 19:25

Court overturns Texas ban on gay marriage

The ruling draws strong reaction from the faith community and political activists on both sides of the same-sex marriage issue.

Couples do well to discuss money, decision-making, sex and religion ahead of time.

In particular, evangelical Christians who marry outside their faith face challenges, say observers.

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