Critics of World Vision’s decision to drop its ban on hiring gays who are legally married hailed the policy reversal as a return to common sense, while those who previously celebrated it as a victory for LGBT Christians were licking their wounds.

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While known for anti-gay rhetoric that most find offensive, Westboro Baptist Church didn’t become a household name until church members hit on the idea of picketing at military funerals.

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Thursday, 13 March 2014 13:39

Faith leaders oppose Miss. religion bill

House leaders on Wednesday postponed action on a religious-liberty bill both opposed and embraced by the state’s faithful.

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A Southern Baptist seminary president says gay marriage poses the greatest religious-liberty threat in a generation and perhaps in U.S. history.

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Now an Episcopalian, Auburn University at Montgomery professor Paul Hard claims a state’s refusal to recognize same-sex marriages performed in another state is unconstitutional.

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Three CBF and two Methodist pastors say they believe religious freedom is not an excuse for business owners to discriminate against gays.

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Top leaders of the SBC Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission say homosexuality is a sin, but not every sinful act should be illegal.

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Kentucky Baptist leaders are appealing to churches to make up a budget shortfall resulting from Sunrise Children’s Services’ “biblical stand” against hiring employees who are openly gay.

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Tuesday, 14 January 2014 15:16

Soulforce announces leadership change

The head of a pro-gay rights organization started by former evangelical ghostwriter Mel White is stepping down.

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Wednesday, 18 December 2013 18:48

Smithwick out at Ky. Baptist home

Bill Smithwick, who earlier this year recommended that a Baptist agency consider hiring employees who are openly gay, has resigned amid a firestorm of controversy ignited by his proposal.

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