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Two odd little words: The LGBT issue, part 11

Two obscure Greek words whose uncertain translation renders use of them for "the LGBT issue" deeply problematic.

New Heart Community Church in La Mirada, Calif., teaches that Christians can agree to disagree on homosexuality in the same way that they hold different views on divorce and remarriage.

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Two texts in Leviticus, and complexities related to what Christians are to make of them today.

An interpretation of the Sodom (and Gibeah) stories, so fatefully destructive in forming historic Christian attitudes on the LGBT issue. 

How traditionalists on the LGBT issue connect the biblical dots, and how not to argue against them.

Taking biblical inspiration and authority seriously also requires humbly acknowledging a long history of Christian fights over “what the Bible says.”

If this is where you get off the bus on this journey through the LGBT issue, here are seven things you and all of us can do. 

Six options for how a church responds to the arrival of gay couples in its midst. 

A local association of Southern Baptist churches in southern California is poised to vote on removing a congregation for allegedly violating tenets of the faith in how it relates to gays.

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Monday, 04 August 2014 08:10

The power of witness

It’s time for the burden of proof to be shifted to the opponents of same-sex marriage.

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