I'm one of the few leaders in Baptist life with the freedom to talk openly and honestly about the complex theological, moral, pastoral, and public policy issues raised by homosexuality without destroying myself professionally.
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Thursday, 06 March 2008 00:03

Wellsprings of centrist evangelicalism

Discussion of the concept of an emerging evangelical center (or some other label for an alternative to the Christian Right) has taken off in recent months -- indeed, in recent weeks. Hardly a day goes by without some news article or opinion piece addressing the concept and its implications. Inevitably, these discussions of an emerging evangelical center are also evoking attacks, denunciations and misunderstandings. I guess that's how you know you're getting somewhere, when the attacks come.
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It is clear to me that the problem of torture is like a bone caught in our national throat. We can't swallow it, but we can't quite spit it out. And so we are choking on it.
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It was not until I got to Union Theological Seminary in New York as a doctoral student in Christian ethics that I received my first serious dose of race/class/sex talk.
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Thursday, 06 December 2007 00:12

SECOND OPINION: Getting past reaction

One of the enduring tendencies in human life is reaction. Unhappy with the prevailing tendencies of a person or group we oppose, especially in situations of sharp conflict, we swing sharply in the other direction. Oftentimes when we do so we end up reacting more than really necessary, rejecting everything about the “other.” These are the kinds of situations for which the phrase “throwing the baby out with the bathwater” was invented.
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Christians are so tangled up with politics these days that our political loyalties threaten to engulf our Christian commitments. We want the politicians to listen to us and the politicians want us to listen to them. It is nice to be wanted but not nice to be used. It is nice to have an impact but not nice to lose our soul in the process.
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Thursday, 04 October 2007 00:10

Keeping true to Scripture

My professional pilgrimage has been marked by a sometimes painful series of movements between Christian academic institutions falling on opposite sides of the gender issue, or what has come to be called the complementarian/egalitarian divide. This has given me opportunity to observe the dynamics that exist in both types of communities.
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Evangelicals are waking up to our responsibility to the environment. Evangelical initiatives on the environment are growing in cultural impact, but they continue to garner stout resistance. Too often, politics and capitalism get in the way of a clear evangelical consensus. Here's why I think creation care is important—and why some evangelicals still resist it.
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Thursday, 26 October 2006 00:10

ANOTHER VIEW: Forgive or die

Few recent tragedies have affected me as deeply as the horrific murders at the Amish schoolhouse in Lancaster County, Pa. It seems that each day brings more mayhem in our blood-soaked country. But this one--this image of 10 little girls bound and lined up against a wall for their mass violation and murder--I have not been able to get out of my mind.
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