Stress of deployments and even downsizing can be lessened for military members actively involved in their congregations. 

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“In a world in which the church gets a lot of bad press, you count a lot on the other end of the scale for us,” said the head of ABC-USA at a gathering of the NABF Disaster Response Network.

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Thursday, 03 May 2007 00:05

A cry from the depths

Darrell Cook, the BCM director at Virginia Tech, walked me through the campus on the day students returned to classes. Obviously, the students looked dazed as if living in a surreal world starving for normalcy again. You could hear the haunting sadness in each human voice like a groaning from someplace terribly dark. My eyes couldn't penetrate to the awful place where the groans were coming from. But there was no mistake what general direction the voice came from – the voice rose from someplace underneath; from someplace darkly cavernous – underground in the soul, underwater almost – the voice was moaning. It was Psalm 130 all over again, whose words also rose up from that very dark, very low place: “Out of the depths, I cry to you, O Lord.”
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