Midweek Sampler 2013

ABPnews Sampler 12.18.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 12.18.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 12.11.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 12.11.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 12.04.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 12.04.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 11.27.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 11.27.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 11.20.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 11.20.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 11.13.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 11.13.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 11.06.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 11.06.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 10.30.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 10.30.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 10.23.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 10.23.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 10.16.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 10.16.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 10.09.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 10.09.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 10.02.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 10.02.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 09.25.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 09.25.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 09.18.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 09.18.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 09.11.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 09.11.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 09.04.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 09.04.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 08.28.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 08.28.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 08.21.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 08.21.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 08.14.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 08.14.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 08.07.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 08.07.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 07.31.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 07.31.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 07.24.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 07.24.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 07.17.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 07.17.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 07.10.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 07.10.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 07.03.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 07.03.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 06.26.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 06.26.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 06.19.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 06.19.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 06.12.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 06.12.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 06.05.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 06.05.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 05.29.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 05.29.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 05.22.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 05.22.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 05.15.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 05.15.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 05.08.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 05.08.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 05.01.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 05.01.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 04.24.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 04.24.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 04.17.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 04.17.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 04.10.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 04.10.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 04.03.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 04.03.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 03.27.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 03.27.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 03.20.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 03.20.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 03.13.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 03.13.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 03.06.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 03.06.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 02.27.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 02.27.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 02.20.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 02.20.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 02.13.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 02.13.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 02.06.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 02.06.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 01.30.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 01.30.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 01.23.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 01.23.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 01.16.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 01.16.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 01.09.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 01.09.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 01.02.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 01.02.13 (black & white)


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Midweek Sampler 2012

ABPnews Weekly 12.19.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 12.19.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 12.12.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 12.12.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 12.05.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 12.05.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 11.28.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 11.28.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 11.14.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 11.14.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 11.07.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 11.07.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 10.31.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 10.31.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 10.24.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 10.24.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 10.17.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 10.17.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 10.10.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 10.10.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 10.03.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 10.03.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 09.26.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 09.26.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 09.19.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 09.19.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 09.12.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 09.12.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 09.05.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 09.05.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 08.29.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 08.29.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 08.22.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 08.22.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 08.15.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 08.15.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 08.08.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 08.08.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 08.01.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 08.01.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 07.25.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 07.25.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 07.18.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 07.18.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 07.11.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 07.11.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 06.27.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 06.27.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 06.20.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 06.20.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 06.13.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 06.13.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 06.06.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 06.06.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 05.30.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 05.30.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 05.23.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 05.23.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 05.09.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 05.09.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 05.02.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 05.02.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 04.25.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 04.25.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 04.18.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 04.18.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 04.11.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 04.11.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 04.04.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 04.04.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 03.28.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 03.28.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 03.21.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 03.21.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 03.14.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 03.14.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 03.07.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 03.07.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 02.29.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 02.29.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 02.22.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 02.22.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 02.15.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 02.15.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 02.08.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 02.08.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 02.01.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 02.01.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 01.25.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 01.25.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 01.18.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 01.18.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 01.11.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 01.11.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 01.04.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 01.04.12 (black & white)

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Staff writer position

ABPnews/Herald is seeking an energetic and creative person to join its team of editors and journalists as a staff writer. ABPnews/Herald is an autonomous, nonprofit news organization that offers news, features and opinion articles every business day for a global audience of Baptists and other Christians at ABPnews.com and its companion site, the ABPnews Blog. It also publishes a print magazine six times a year. 

The news organization was created by the January 2014 merger of the Religious Herald, the 185-year-old newsjournal for Baptists in Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic, and ABPnews, founded in 1990 as Associated Baptist Press, the first and only independent news service created by and for Baptists. 

The primary function of the staff writer will be to produce timely, accurate and compelling news and feature stories, in collaboration with the editorial team, for publication on all ABPnews/Herald media platforms, including the website and magazine. 

A full job description is below. 

Resumes should be sent to Editor in Chief Robert Dilday at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by July 15.  



Staff Writer


Position title: Staff Writer

Principal function:  Craft news and feature stories for the website and for the magazine in support of the mission of ABPnews/Herald. 

Reports to: Editor in Chief

Supervises:  This position has no supervisory responsibilities.

Primary relationships: ABPnews/Herald editorial team

Secondary relationships:  Other ABPnewsHerald staff, stakeholders and readers 


Requirements and Responsibilities:

• Produce timely, accurate and compelling news and feature stories, in collaboration with the editorial team, for publication on all ABPnews/Herald media platforms, including the website and magazine.

• Conduct research and interviews, check facts and contribute ideas for coverage.

• Edit news stories and other content as assigned.

• Build contacts to maintain a flow of news.

• Seek out and investigate stories via contacts, press releases and other media.

• Upload content to the website.

• Engage social media (in particular, Twitter and Facebook), in cooperation with appropriate staff.

• Provide or acquire photography and other art to support news and feature articles.

• Read newspapers and other relevant material to prepare for writing stories and suggesting coverage ideas.

• Perform other duties as assigned by the Editor in Chief.


Preferred Credentials, Skills and Experience:

Education: Bachelor’s degree, preferably in journalism or communications

Experience: Minimum of three years experience in journalism or communications

Skills and knowledge:  

• Ability to write fast, accurately and creatively

• Thorough understanding of the news process and writing and editing for a news organization

• Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines

• Experience in working with a content management system 

• Working knowledge of website functions

• Interest in and understanding of Baptist and religious life

• Aptitude for new communication technologies and a working knowledge of basic computer software programs and social media platforms

• Basic skills in news photography 

• Self-initiative and the ability to work effectively from a home office within a virtual organizational structure

• Editorial knowledge and understanding of the mission of ABPnews/Herald  

Expectations: ABP’s mission is to provide credible and compelling information about matters of faith. Our goal is to produce news, features and commentary that inform, engage and inspire our readers.  The Staff Writer’s daily work should meet the highest standards of accuracy, readability, fairness, integrity and journalistic excellence. She or he should also exhibit:

• an exemplary Christian commitment and character;

• a commitment to ABP’s vision, mission and goals;

• a commitment to continual improvement and to lifelong learning;

• the professional and personal discipline to perform with excellence in a virtual organization that offers a high level of trust and freedom within a team-based culture; and

• a willingness to travel alone, including airplane and automobile trips, without assistance. 


Salary:  $32,000 - $35,000, plus health care and retirement benefits 

Contact:  Interested applicants may send a full resume to Editor in Chief Robert Dilday at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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Transitions 04.23.14

Please submit transitions — including staff changes, ordinations, anniversaries or deaths — to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . This page will be updated weekly.



Eddie N. Haynes, to Crewe (Va.) Baptist Church, as pastor, effective May 1. He comes from the pastorate of New Hope Baptist Church, Locust Grove, Va.

Patrick Adair, to Central Baptist Church, Marshall, Texas, as senior pastor. He will be serving as associate pastor and minister to youth for one year alongside current pastor Wallace Watkins in preparation for the transition.

Dan Rangel, to Oak Dale Baptist Church, Nokesville, Va., as senior pastor. He had been serving as interim.

Travis Bundrick, to Main Street Baptist Church, Georgetown, Texas, as interim executive pastor.

Dan Crawford, to First Baptist Church, Grandview, Texas, as interim pastor.

David “Dack” Axselle, to Parham Road Baptist Church, Richmond, Va., as minister of music.

Karen Tucker, to Broadus Memorial Baptist Church, Mechanicsville, Va., as full-time minister to children and families.

Hiram Rollo, to Shades Crest Baptist Church, Birmingham, Ala., as associate pastor of music and worship, effective May 5.

Rachel Phillips, to Cool Spring Baptist Church, Mechanicsville, Va., as high school student ministry associate.

Kathleen Cantwell, to Grace Community Baptist Church, Richmond, Va., as children’s ministry director.

Chad Davidson, to CrossRoads Camp & Conference Center, Lowesville, Va., as director. He had been serving as interim director of this facility operated by Woman’s Missionary Union of Virginia.

Lorae Ponder, to Woman’s Missionary Union of Virginia, as Sisters Who Care consultant. Sisters Who Care is a national program of Woman’s Missionary Union designed to reach African American women. She comes from a 12-year tenure with Housing Opportunities Made Equal of Virginia, Inc., where she served as acting president and CEO.


Angela Blizzard, ordained to ministry on April 6 by Vineville Baptist Church, Macon, Ga.

Jaime McGlothlin, minister to children at Lake Shore Baptist Church, Waco, Texas, will be ordained to ministry by the church on April 27.

Daniel Willson, associate minister for family ministry and education at First Baptist Church, Martinsville, Va., will be ordained to ministry by the church on May 4.


William Terrell “Dub” Edwards, 86, died April 11 in Birmingham, Ala. He was a religion professor at Samford University for 40 years, from 1958-1998. He was a scholar of Greek and Hebrew and as such as a visiting professor at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky., in 1964. At Samford University he served as university chaplain from 1971-1986, and then as chair of the Department of Religion from 1986-1992. He was named Armstrong Professor of Religion at Samford in 1996, recognizing his outstanding educational background, strong social and communication skills and concern for excellence in teaching spiritual and ethical values. He was preceded in death by his first wife, Peggy Jo Collins Edwards. He is survived by his wife, Martha Espey Edwards; her daughter, Ellen Blocker; three children, Carol Toner, Julie Rayford and Mark Edwards; and six grandchildren.

Daniel B. McGee, 80, died April 19 in Waco, Texas. He joined the faculty at Baylor University in 1966, where he pioneered the ethics program, teaching both graduate and undergraduate courses. In 2005 Baylor awarded him the Herbert H. Reynolds Award for Exemplary Service, which included serving as the chair of Baylor’s Faculty Senate, its representative to the Baptist World Alliance, chair of the committees that created Baylor’s Institute for Environmental Studies and Baylor’s program in medical humanities. He was member of the national board of directors of the American Academy of Religion and president of the Baylor and Texas AAR conference. He was the recipient of the Outstanding Educators of America award in 1979. He was chairman of the board of directors for Seeds, a Christian magazine about world hunger, and NAACP representative to the Waco Independent School District in its consolidation negotiations. He is survived by his wife, Merolyn; a son, Glenn; a daughter, Caroline McGee Jones; and five grandchildren.


Mickey Ewing, 35 years, as assistant pastor of Northside Baptist Church, Victoria, Texas.

Stephen G. Howard, 10 years, as pastor of Mount Carmel Baptist Church, Richmond, Va.

David Magnet, 20 years, at Fairfax Circle Baptist Church, Fairfax, Va. He served the church as youth pastor for 10 years before becoming senior pastor.

Gerald “Gerry” Robinson, 5 years, as music minister at Hatcher Memorial Baptist Church, Richmond, Va.

Deborah Sams, 5 years, as pastor of First Baptist Church, Manakin, Va.

Jorge Zayasbazan, 5 years, as senior pastor of Baptist Temple Church, San Antonio, Texas.


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