The Herald Legacy Initiative

Perpetuating the legacy and values of The Religious Herald through the Annual Fund 


The merger of our two organizations purposefully embraces a bold business model: providing compelling information about matters of faith every day free of charge to readers worldwide. We rely upon the generosity of our readers, together with contributions from churches, partner organizations and foundations, who believe in our unique ministry within the global Baptist family. 

As part of the Annual Fund, The Herald Legacy Initiative offers a way for you to invest in a free and trustworthy source of news and opinion for Baptist Christians and churches while supporting our commitment to perpetuate the legacy and values of The Religious Herald.

The Annual Fund, launched in June 2012, will continue to function as the annual fund for the consolidated news organization.

The annual fund constitutes the financial backbone of our ministry. Your unrestricted gifts to the fund support our day-to-day operations. They help underwrite the costs of news gathering, reporting, editing and publishing. They support the website, the blog and the social media tools that enable us to deliver our content directly to our audiences.

The Herald Legacy Initiative is an endeavor to sustain and build upon the financial investment of subscribers to the print and electronic editions of The Religious Herald and the donors who have supported the Herald through their additional contributions. 

Individuals who make a commitment to the Legacy Initiative automatically become members of the annual fund.

As stakeholders in our mission, annual fund members receive an informative annual report about the organization’s progress and ways their gifts have been put to work. Annual Fund members gather with other friends for a dinner event during the annual General Assembly of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship to celebrate the cause of a free press for free Baptists. They also are invited to receptions and other events held in different regions of the country. 

As another benefit of membership, each individual member or household also receives a copy of the new Herald magazine, a bi-monthly print magazine that debuts in early 2014. Although the audience has expanded, the magazine will inherit and reflect the spirit that has permeated The Religious Herald since 1828. A core objective of the magazine — along with content offered daily on the website and social media platforms — is to perpetuate the legacy and values of this historic newsjournal. All costs for designing, printing and mailing the Herald magazine will be covered by advertising.

Your participation in the Herald Legacy Initiative, along with your ongoing support through the Annual Fund, will help propel us toward our vision: to be the leading source of news and commentary for Baptist Christians worldwide. 

With your support, we will offer:

free and responsible journalism that encourages accountability and transparency in Baptist life;

 inspiring stories about the ways churches and individuals are making a difference in the world;

 practical ideas about how to live faithfully at the intersections of life and faith;

 meaningful conversation illumined by truthful and accurate information;

 ways to connect with others in the Baptist network and the larger Christian community;

 a diversity of viewpoints that help shed light rather than heat on the challenging moral and social issues of our day;

 reflections and ideas from a new generation of Baptists including emerging leaders who are bringing new energy and vitality to the Baptist movement;

 a voice for the voiceless, including the poor, the disadvantaged and the marginalized people in our world;

 and much more.

We are an autonomous, nonprofit religion news organization. We are not controlled by or beholden to a denominational body or any special interest group. The Annual Fund helps keep us free. It undergirds our credibility as an independent source of news and opinion. It enables us to report honestly and accurately, free from coercion or control. 


For more information about the Annual Fund and other ways you can invest in our ministry, contact David Wilkinson, Executive Director and Publisher, at 800.340.6626, ext. 3, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


The Herald Legacy Initiative

The Herald Legacy Initiativeis an endeavor to sustain and build upon the financial investment of The Religious Herald subscribers and donors. 

To join this special initiative:

1. Review the giving levels described below. Prayerfully consider how you can generously support a free press for free Baptists.

2. Make a two-year financial pledge for 2014 and 2015 by December 31, 2013. Your pledge is vital. It will help sustain our work during the critical first two years as a consolidated organization. It also will help guide us in the budgeting process as we move forward. Once you have fulfilled your pledge, your total pledge amount becomes eligible for a dollar-for-dollar matching contribution.

Each participants will be recognized as a Herald Legacy member of the Annual Fund. 

Annual Fund Giving Levels based on total yearly contributions:  


• Supporter – Annual gifts of $25 to $49

• Sustainer – Annual gifts of $50 to $99

• Advocate – Annual gifts of $100 to $499

• Investor – Annual gifts of $500 to $2,999

Donor Churches

• Supporter – Annual gifts of $250 to $499

• Sustainer – Annual gifts of $500 to $999

Church Champions

• Advocate – Annual gifts of $1,000 to $2,499

• Investor – Annual gifts of $2,500+

Leadership Gifts

For information about our Leadership Gifts program for the annual fund, contact David Wilkinson, executive director and publisher.   

Baugh Foundation Matching Incentive Grant 

The Religious Herald has received a generous grant from the Eula Mae and John Baugh Foundation of San Antonio, Texas. To encourage persons to join the Annual Fund and to express support for the merger of the Herald and ABPnews, the Baugh Foundation agreed to set aside some funds as an incentive-based grant, up to a total of $250,000 through December 31, 2015.

As a result, you have an opportunity to multiply the impact of your gifts through the Herald Legacy Initiative. 

Your two-year pledge commitment becomes eligible for a dollar-for-dollar matching contribution from the Baugh Foundation once the pledge is fulfilled. Your pledge for 2014 and 2015 also will enroll you each year as a member of the annual fund and automatically add you to the mailing list for the new Herald magazine.

To illustrate the impact of this matching grant, consider the following examples:

 Two-Year Pledge

2014         2015

 Annual Fund

Giving Level


with Matching Gift

$25            $25   Supporter                $100
 $50            $50   Sustainer                $200
 $100          $150  Advocate                $500
 $400          $600  Investor                $2,000


You may also express your support by making a contribution today. Your gift would be a tremendous boost for us, helping to offset costs associated with the merger process that we could not have anticipated in planning our 2013 operating budget. 

All contributions received by December 31, 2013, also will be matched dollar-for-dollar by the Baugh Foundation.


How to make your pledge and/or year-end gift 

Call us at 804.672.1973 to request a giving form or make contributions to The Herald Legacy Initiative online using our secure server.

Contributions via Automatic Bank Withdrawal

Monthly contributions by automatic bank withdrawal are a convenient and helpful way to sustain our ministry. A gift of only $15 per month adds up to $180 annually. A gift of $75 a month totals $900 annually. And a gift of $125 a month becomes an annual contribution of $1,500. Contact us to request an authorization form. 

Tribute Gifts

Contact us if you wish to make a gift to in honor or in memory of another person. 


All gifts to The Religious Herald and ABPnews are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.