Board of Directors

ABPnews/Herald is governed and guided by an autonomous, volunteer Board of Directors composed of laypersons and clergy who represent a cross-section of mainstream Baptist life.

A Merger Transition Team was appointed by the respective heads of the Herald and ABPnews boards as part of the merger agreement adopted in October 2013.  Merger Transition Team members are:

Tony Neal, Chair, Williamsburg, VA
Janice Anderson, Houston, TX
Bob Dale, Richmond, VA
Kyle Reese, Jacksonville, VA
Bill Shiell, Tallahassee, FL
Lisa Cole Smith, Alexandria, VA
Bill Wilson, Winston-Salem, NC
David Wilkinson, staff liaison, Waco, TX

A Transition Board composed of members of both previous boards will act as the governing board until a new governing structure is recommended by the Transition Team and approved by the Transition Board. 


ABPnews/Herald Transition Board


Kyle Reese, Chair 
Jacksonville, Florida

Anne Guidry, Vice Chair 
Jackson, Mississippi

Harriet Harral, Secretary
Fort Worth, Texas 

Elizabeth (Libby) Allen 
Atlanta, Georgia 

Janice Anderson 
Houston, Texas

Larry Brumley 
Macon, Georgia

Chris Caldwell 
Louisville, Kentucky

A Richard Childress 
Wake Forest, North Carolina

Bob Dale 
Richmond, Virginia

Don Davidson 
Alexandria, Virginia

Jayne Davis 
Wilmington, North Carolina

John Freeman 
Dallas, Texas

Bill Hardison 
Glen Allen, Virginia

E. Bruce Heilman 
Richmond, VA

Steve Hewlett 
Nashville, Tennessee

Dale Ingram 
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 

Marv Knox
Dallas, Texas 

Dan Lattimore
Memphis, Tennessee

Craig Martin 
Richmond, VA

Jackie Moore 
Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas

Tony Neal 
Williamsburg, Virginia 

Jimmy Nickell
Overland Park, Kansas

Stacy Nowell 
Harrisonburg, Virginia

Mike Parnell 
Halifax, Virginia

Greg Randall 
Clarksville, Virginia

R.G. Rowland Jr. 
Gretna, Virginia

Mark Sanders 
Bogart, Georgia 

Bill Shiell
Tallahassee, Florida

Lisa Cole Smith 
Alexandria, Virginia

Nancy Walker 
Falls Church, Virginia 

Bill Webb 
Jefferson City, Missouri 

Bill Wilson 
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Mark Wingfield 
Dallas, Texas